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Parents’ Council foundation to the ISoB library


Thanks to the founds from the Parents’ Council the ISoB library just got 30 new books.

The titles include: Lego Superheores, Lego Ninjago and Peppa Pig books. The books will be available to the readers soon.

Thank you for your valuable contribution 🙂


p_20161114_091113  p_20161114_091011




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“I read, therefore I am” – a film competition


Dear Students,

The branch Library no. 13 invites all students from grades 4, 5 and 6 to take part in a film competition.
The aim of the competition is to make a video clip (max. 4 min.) encouraging others to read books.
The video clip can be produced by a student individually or by the team (max. 3 people).
The clip in AVI or MPEG format has to be burned to a CD or DVD.
The best clips will be awarded with certificates and in-kind prizes.
The deadline for handing in the video clips is March 7, 2016.

So, if you want to take part in the competition or you need more information, please contact the ISoB librarian Ms Gosia Stranc.

Czytam, więc jestem – miejski konkurs filmowy

G1A and G1B in Regional and Municipal Public Library in Bydgoszcz – Branch Library No.16


On Friday, November 27, the students from G 1A and G1B visited the Branch Library No. 16 at 1 Broniewskiego Street. They recognised a public library as a place that serves the needs of a local community.

Our students learned about the public library rules  and in which part of the library the children’s books were. All G1A and G1B students were very enthusiastic about the books they found. The most popular was the book about the the final product of a digestion process 😉

Students learned how to become a reader of a public library. Many of them decided to sign up to the library soon.

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G1A and G1B students became readers of the ISoB library


On September 17th and 18th, students from G1A and G1B have been officially admitted into the community of the ISoB library readers.

They learned how to treat library books. They decided which actions towards books  are proper and which are improper and made posters sorting pictures into these two categories.

They promised to obey the school library rules. They received the ISoB library users certificate.

They listened to the story “Wild about books” by Judy Sierra and drew some illustrations to the story.


G4’s Children’s Day in the City Public Library


On Monday, June 1, G4 had an opportunity to get to know the City Public Library in Bydgoszcz thoroughly.

DSC02499 DSC02498

They started from the catalogue and circulation desk area. They learned how to order a book via the electronic catalogue and that it has to be picked up at the circulation desk.


They were showed around the open shelves area, where the most popular books can be taken directly from the shelves.

DSC02503 DSC02502

Later they arrived into the regional reading room. In here, the most important books and documents considering the history and geography of the Bydgoszcz area, are being kept.

DSC02517 DSC02516

Then – a short sight-seeing in the main book storage.

DSC02510 DSC02508 DSC02507 DSC02504

After that, they investigated Bibliotheca Bernardina’s history and collection of the old prints.


The final stop was the main reading room, where some reference books, current newspapers as well as magazines can be found and read on the spot.

G7 in Bibliotheca Bernardina


On Tuesday, May 26, G7 visited the City Public Library in Bydgoszcz.

Students got to know about Bibliotheca Bernardina – the division of the City Library where the most precious and old books are kept. The Bernardina’s collection consists of 1374 books remaining from the former Bernardine monastery. It gathers manuscripts and old prints. Most of its collection are religious writings.

Our students also explored the reading room gathering documents considering the Bydgoszcz area, the open shelves area and the huge book storage. They got to know how to borrow a book form the library using the card catalogues and computer catalogue, and that they have to receive an ordered book at the circulation desk.


DSC02466 DSC02465 DSC02494 DSC02493 DSC02491 DSC02490 DSC02489 DSC02488 DSC02485 DSC02484 DSC02482 DSC02480 DSC02478 DSC02474 DSC02473 DSC02471 DSC02469 DSC02468 DSC02467

PYP Reading Day celebrations – part 1 – G2A and G2B


To celebrate World Book and Copyright Day PYP students took part in some events prepared especially for them 🙂

The events took place on Friday, April 24th and Monday, April 27th.

On Friday, April 24 th G2A and G2B took up a challenge of writing poetry. They did their best to write some poems based on a pattern from the series of “I spy…” books by Jean Marzolo (available from the school library). They also illustrated their poems with some drawings. In these drawings they had to hid objects described in the poem. A reader’s task is to spot the objects from the poem among loads of other objects, which do not appear in the poem.

The poems have been put on display in the basement.

The process of creation and the poems can also be seen in the pictures below 🙂

DSC02237 DSC02236 DSC02234 DSC02233 DSC02232 DSC02231 DSC02230 DSC02229 DSC02228 DSC02257 DSC02259 DSC02260 DSC02263 DSC02264 DSC02266 DSC02268


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RECYTATORATOR – a competition for MYP students (gymnasium – grades 7, 8 and 9) / RECYTATORATOR – konkurs dla uczniów MYP (gimnazjum – klas 7, 8 i 9)


1. To take part in this competition, each student has to fill in the application form (with capital letters). It can be found here: The printout of the form can be obtained directly from Ms Gosia Stranc.
This form has to be signed by contestant’s parent/guardian and it has to be delivered to the school library by Monday, March 9.
2. Each contestant should prepare a performance consisting of:
1) a recitation of passage of prose in Polish (fiction or non-fiction, including journal articles) of her/his choice; duration: 2-3 minutes
2) a speech giving a reason why she/he chose this excerpt, persuading the audience to read the very piece of prose; duration : up to 2 minutes
3. On the day of competition each contestant has to hand a printed copy of the excerpt to the juries.
4. The competition will take place on Monday, March 30, at 10 a.m. in Pałac Młodzieży in Bydgoszcz.
Additionally, the contestants will take part in the workshops on public speaking.
The winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get some extra points to their high school applications. The contestants will be also awarded with outstanding performance awards and the audience choice award.


1. Aby wziąć udział w konkursie należy wypełnić kartę zgłoszenia (drukowanymi literami). Można ją znaleźć tu: albo odebrać wydruk bezpośrednio od p. Gosi Stranc.
Formularz musi zostać podpisany przez rodzica/opiekuna uczestnika konkursu. Należy go dostarczyć do szkolnej biblioteki do poniedziałku 9 marca.
2. Każdy uczestnik przygotowuje wystąpienie składające się z 2 części:
1) recytacji samodzielnie wybranego fragmentu prozy w języku polskim (z literatury pięknej lub literatury faktu, w tym publicystyki); czas trwania: 2-3 min.
2) przemówienia uzasadniającego wybór tego właśnie fragmentu, które ma przekonać słuchaczy do sięgnięcia po recytowaną literaturę; czas trwania: do 2 min.
3. W dniu konkursu należy przedłożyć jury recytowany fragment w formie drukowanej.
4. Konkurs odbędzie się w poniedziałek 30 marca o godzinie 10:00 w Pałacu Młodzieży w Bydgoszczy.
Dodatkowo, uczestnicy konkursu wezmą udział w warsztatach dotyczących wystąpień publicznych.
Zdobywcy 1, 2 i 3 miejsca otrzymają dodatkowe punkty przy rekrutacji do szkoły ponadgimnazjalnej. Przyznane zostaną również wyróżnienia i nagroda publiczności.

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G4 students in the Main Library of the Kazimierz Wielki University


On Thursday, February 12, G4 went on a trip to the UKW Main Library. G4 students had a possibility to visit the library – as its users do, but also to see the areas of it, which are not normally open for the library users.

G4 students visited the book storage furnished with the compact stacks, and the one furnished with traditional stacks. Also, they visited the journal reading room and the journal storage.

Our students learned, that to get the books from the storage, the library users have to place a digital order for a book they need. When readers use the open shelves area – they can take the books directly from the shelves. This area is a very welcoming place, with an overview of Bydgoszcz.

The readers, who want to focus on their work entirely, might use either special boxes for silent work or a group work room. Our students used the group work room to work on the book covers of their own design.

This trip was a very enjoyable experience 🙂

We owe special thanks to Mrs Molesztak, who arranged our visit and found us an English-speaking librarian to be our guide to the UKW library.


Storage furnished with traditional stacks


Storage furnished with compact stacks


Compact stacks, take two


Relaxing in the journal reading room

Journals' storage

Journals’ storage

The overview from the open stacks area

The overview from the open stacks area

Silent box ;)

Silent box open…


…and closed


Designing a book cover

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G2A & G2B in the WiMBP branch library No.16


On February 11, G2A and G2B went to the WiMBP branch library (No. 16) at 1 Broniewskiego Street. They got to know how the library functions and how it serves the neighbourhood and city community.They learned how to become a public library user.

Our students learned that library is not only books, but also comics, audiobooks, board games and even a room where you can play on X-box! You can also use a computer with an internet access or just sit on a cosy sofa or carpet and read a book.

Our students prepared some valentines to be put in the school Valentine Box 🙂

All in all, G2s students wanted to visit the library again in the future 🙂


Library rules

Library rules











One reader

One reader



Four readers


Front: X-oan, back: X-box

Front: X-oan, back: X-box



Have you seen that?!


Valentines crafts - team no. 1

Valentines crafts – team no. 1



Valentines crafts – team no. 2



Valentines crafts – team no. 3


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